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The Bridge Empowering Firm


Grief Counseling and Death Doula Services

Providing Evidence-based Treatment to those who Suffer Grief and Loss across all lifespans!

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Summary Of BridgeGivers

The Bridge Empowering Firm – Home of BridgeGivers, Grief Counseling and BridgeGivers Specialist helping to provide mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological support to those who are transitioning into Eternity along with their family members by moving forward during the grief process!


BridgeGivers’ Flower

Our official flower is the Dandelion because it grows in difficult circumstances. Grows in almost every location around the world.

At the Bridge Empowering Firm, our BridgeGivers Specialist know that we are M.A.D.E. to Make A Difference by Empowering, Encouraging and Inspiring everyone through our created and personalized grief treatment process.

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Picking Flowers

About Us

About BridgeGiver’ Founders

Dr. Althea Winifred is a BridgeGivers Specialist who helps person’s transition into eternity with dignity; Certified Grief Counseling Specialist (CGCS) with focus and provides evidence-based treatment to those who have suffered a loss across all lifespans and a Certified Grief Counselor (CGC) helping many Christian believers deal with grief and loss in biblical ways. ​


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BridgeGivers’ Griever

The Bridge Empowering Firm will be giving helpful Strategies to dealing with your Grief

Signing a Contract

BridgeGivers’ Benefits

As BridgeGivers, we will help you grow through & beyond all types of Grief and Loss.

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