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Summary Of Bridgegivers

Dr. Althea Winifred is a BridgeGivers Specialist who helps a person to transition into eternity with dignity as a Death Doula. She is a Certified Grief Counseling Specialist (CGCS) with a focus and provides evidence-based treatment to those who have suffered a loss across all lifespans. She is also a Certified Grief Counselor (CGC) helping many Christian believers deal with grief and loss in biblical ways. 

She is a member of the Certified Professional Evergreen Certification CGCS, International Association of Professional Death Doulas, and International Association of Professional Organizations (IAPO).

She is the founder and director of The Bridge Empowering Firm during the pandemic to help people who are struggling with loss, being shut in, social distance, and little to no contact with people

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Dr. Althea Winifred has a Bachelor Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Management, Masters in Religious Education, Doctorate in Theology, Ph.D., Honorary Doctorate Degree in Divinity, CDKA, Chaplain Major, Regional Vice-Chancellor, D-CPC, Representative of United Nations (UN) Ambassador / Diplomat – NGO.


Many years ago, Dr. Winifred wanted to have a counseling service for the sole purpose to help people and be the Bridge over their troubled waters.  So, the name of this counseling firm is The Bridge Empowering Firm (TBEF).


Over the years, Dr. Winifred has been counseling people and giving hope in the time of hurting situations, confirming, encouraging and helping to empower them from all walks of life.  She will help you with the 60 interventions that be used to help you during the grieving to find hope and heal.


Accountability to Clients • helping person(s) to transit into eternal will maintain respect for the patient and family by maintaining the privacy and confidentially regarding personal health or related information about the dying person.

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