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BridgeGivers Death Doula

As a BridgeGiver Specialist, we provide support to those who are transitioning into eternity and grief and loss counseling and treatment code skills for their family members!

For the dying individual:

We provide services whether the dying individual is at home, hospice, hospital, or some other setting. BridgeGivers death doula being there to help your loved ones not to transition alone.

We also simply holding the dying person's hand; actively listening to your loved one’s comments; comfort them with any unanswered concerns or needs; watching television or reading a book aloud; discussing transitioning into eternity last wishes before going so you as their family can achieve them; also helping your dying loved one resolve and find peace about real or imagined wrongs; just to name feel things.

For the family members:

We provide services of non-judgment family support helping and assisting the whole family whether the dying individual is at home, hospice, hospital, or some other setting either before, during, and after a death occurs.

We will help conduct a home caregiver; staying with the dying individual while family members are away; be supportive communication between all parties; assisting in the creation of meaningful goodbyes during the remaining hours of life; helping the family bathe and dress the deceased; serving as a resource for funeral and interment planning and estate settlement.

We are a team player that is willing to be there in the final moment to encourage, give physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual support to someone who will be transiting into eternity.

BridgeGivers’ Services

BridgeGivers Grief & Loss Treatment Solutions

Helping with encouragement solutions to identify the seven emotional stages of grief and loss.

BridgeGivers Christian Chaplain Biblical and Spiritual Guidance

As Christian Chaplain, we provide a non-medical professional but provides mental, emotional, and spiritual support. In addition,

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